Camille Harris has been an educator for over a decade.

A native San Diegan and single mother, Camille brings experience from K-12, higher education, and the private sector with a passion for student learning and success for all students.

Why is Camille running?

San Diego’s education system has been denigrated, and our kids are not receiving the support they need from the school system. As a result, too many of our kids are graduating unprepared for the world, without any idea of their path forward.

As a counselor, Camille has dedicated her life to helping students find their path forward, and that’s the experience she’ll bring to San Diego Unified. Camille doesn’t want to just reform San Diego’s schools, she wants to transform them.

In San Diego Unified, only 56% of students are proficient in English and only 45% are proficient in Math. San Diego Unified has become an embarrassment, and incumbents on the school board find these results somehow acceptable.

With everything San Diego has going for it — our high tech companies, award-winning universities, etc. — San Diego Unified should be the epicenter of academic achievement in America. We should accept nothing less.

As an educator, Camille will also bring a focus on a student’s home life when working to improve their chances of success. As a counselor, if she thought a child was having problems at home, she’d pay their parents a visit and work through the issues the child was facing. She’d work to get them the help they need: mental health counseling, substance abuse programs, etc. That’s the type of one-on-one focus our schools need.

In addition, Camille believes teachers need more support too. Never should teachers have to dig into their own pockets to buy basic school supplies for their kids.

What is Camille’s plan?


We need leaders who have our children’s best interest at heart. Currently, San Diego Unified has too many politicians on the board who have unsuccessfully tried to run for other offices. We don’t need more politicians, we need people. People who care about our kids and their future success and leaders who are mindful of how our money is being spent.


Current San Diego Unified leadership is doing a poor job of preparing our kids based upon almost every measurable. We must recognize that not every student is the right fit for a four-year university after high school, and as such, students need to be provided with internships and mentoring to give them alternative paths to success.


Bullying is out of control, on-campus and online, and we need leaders who aren’t afraid to step in and shut it down. Our students can’t learn when they are scared so it is incumbent upon San Diego Unified to remove bullies and identify the source of their behavior (which usually begins at home). 

In addition, sex trafficking of our young girls is an epidemic, and it’s getting worse. Currently, we face 3,000 victims a year in San Diego County alone. Our teachers, administrators, and support staff need more support and training to be able to spot the red flags and warning signs and help bring that 3,000 total down dramatically.


Camille Harris is a write-in candidate for San Diego Unified School District, District D.

In order to vote for Camille, you must FILL IN THE BUBBLE and WRITE IN “Camille Harris” exactly.

Who is Camille Harris?

  • Born and Raised in San Diego.
  • Graduated from Sweetwater High School.
  • Attended Azusa Pacific University, earning a master’s degree in Educational Counseling and an  “Ed.D.” in Educational Leadership.
  • One of her first jobs was a counselor at Horton Elementary School in Chollas View.
  • Currently a professor at both Point Loma Nazarene College and San Diego Miramar College where she mentors and supervises students who are pursuing careers as school counselors.
  • Single mother to a son.

Q&A With Camille Harris

Do you support increasing teacher pay in the district? (Click to Expand)

Our teachers recently received a pay increase as part of their new contract. When their contract expires, I’m happy to consider another pay raise, but not for everyone. I support pay that is based on performance, not just showing up for work.

How do you feel about charter schools? (Click to Expand)

I wholeheartedly support them. I’ve worked for charter schools and believe that competition between public and charter schools causes everyone to try harder. I also believe that parents should have choices with regard to their child’s education.

What makes you a good candidate for the school board? (Click to Expand)

Unlike others who sit on the board, I’m not trying to use it as a stepping stone to anything else. My entire career has been devoted to helping children reach their full potential, addressing their educational and emotional needs, and making sure they grow up healthy, happy, and prepared for the world.

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